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Local Farmers Can Now Receive AgPack Benefits at Clement Ford in O'Fallon

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Lyle Orwig

Farmers helping farmers find a return on their truck investment is how AgPack® was born. Now, 10 years later, AgPack benefits to farmers, ranchers and growers could quickly add up to more than $32,000* in real operational savings. Clement Ford in O’Fallon recently completed the stringent requirements to become a local Certified Agriculture Dealership making them eligible to now offer AgPack to their farm and grower customers. This package provides a first ever “Return on Agriculture Truck Investment.”

Now, accessibility to AgPack for farmers & ranchers in the O’Fallon area is even closer. This nationwide program is now available at Clement Ford. Their staff has recently completed stringent training in order to qualify as an official Certified Agriculture Dealership. The training will help the staff to better understand the specific demands farmers, ranchers and growers have of their farm & ranch vehicles.

"We provide farmers with an outlet to purchase the heavy-duty vehicles they need, whether it's a custom order or an instock unit. We service their vehicles with the convenience of mobile or in-shop servicing.” noted Brandon Ser Voss, new car sales manager at Clement Ford in O’Fallon. “And we are flexible with payments. At Clement Ford, we can take payments with grain - or whatever best suits a customer's needs.”

What exactly is AgPack? It is a collaboration of agricultural companies who, collectively, have organized a specialized package of discounts and rebates that agriculture cannot get anywhere else, on inputs producers have to buy anyway. The process is quite simple:

  1. Purchase or lease a qualifying farm truck or SUV from a Certified Agriculture Dealershipsm
  2. Simply verify ownership of, or in an agricultural enterprise with the dealer
  3. Once the dealer has notified AgPack, farmers, growers or ranchers will be contacted by an AgPack representative within a week to begin redemptions

“Believe it, or not, AgPack is free with the purchase or lease of a qualifying new, or pre-owned, farm truck, or SUV, from a Certified Agriculture Dealership,” noted Pat Driscoll, CEO of Certified Agriculture Dealers/AgPack. “Plus, AgPack can be stacked on top of any incentive, rebate, fleet or VIP program the local dealer can offer.”

“More than anything, farmers, ranchers and growers want…need…the most durable vehicle money can buy,” added Driscoll. “We know because we’re ranchers and farmers, too. And that’s what we want. Our focus is to make sure our agriculture family gets an honest to goodness return on their truck investment. From a dealer that actually understands and cares about who we are, and what we need.”

Below is the line-up of the current AgPack partners, and their offers. Farmers, growers and ranchers can cash in one or use them all, it is totally up to them. And they can take their time on any one, or all, as AgPack offers are valid for at least one full year from original date of the vehicle purchase. In select cases, the offers are valid even longer.

AgPack includes:

  • Exclusive rebates on Michelin & BF Goodrich® tires – from tractors to trucks to toys, potential savings worth more than $4,500
  • 25% off MSRP on Rhino Ag Products plus a gift card valued between $100-200
  • Exclusive pricing of 5-10% under Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) direct from Dixie Chopper® on the entire line of commercial mowers
  • $2,000 credit towards AgroLiquid® Crop Nutrition, free agronomy consultation and annual soil test
  • $1,000 toward a new Reinke® Irrigation system and $500 towards parts on any existing Reinke system
  • 25% exclusive discount on many Gallagher® Livestock scales and fencing products
  • Exclusive after purchase rebates up to $350 on EBY flatbeds, truck bodies and uplifts AND up to $1,000 on EBY trailers - stock, equipment, or grain
  • A $150 gift card after the purchase of a two-year Viasat® Internet Service subscription
  • $500 product credit after $2,000 of combined Mystik® Lubricant products purchased & the offer also includes lifetime oil condition monitoring of the AgPack purchased vehicle, plus a choice of a Mystik-branded gift offer
  • 15% off MSRP on any purchase of Tarter® Farm & Ranch Equipment with a minimum purchase of $3,500 before discount
  • A $1,500 rebate on the purchase of a Walkabout Mother Bin plus a 20% rebate on accessories like a scale, vibrator, display, low unload option, or an auger sock, plus a $500 gift card/store credit for Outback Wrap Hydraulic hose products
  • A 20% storewide discount from Outback Wrap for their hydraulic hose identification and management products 
  • 10% off Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Pricing for the entire line-up of PUTCO truck accessory products plus free shipping
  • 5-10% savings on multiple Vanair® products including the all new EPEQ™ Welder140, Start•All Jump•Packs®, Pro35 Reciprocating Air Compressor Series, compressor/generator packages plus multiple other products
  • DTN Progressive Farmer Magazine offers a free 1-year subscription of the DTN Ag Weather Tool app at no charge, plus a choice of either 1) 3-months of My DTN, a mobile app helping make fast, effective commodity buying and selling decisions or 2): 3-months of Instant Markets (delayed) farmer version of Profit X 
  • 15% discount on the monthly fees for Ford Pro's Telematics Software Services
  • Landmaster gas and electric powered UTVs offers a 2.5% cash rebate from the manufacturer (Landmaster) on top of any vehicle purchase made at a local UTV dealership.

"We've serviced the farming community for years, before as Marshall Ford and now as Clement Ford,” added Evangeline Schultz-Sutton, chief marketing officer for the dealership. “We're here for this community, and AgPack is the key to making sure we are available to our agricultural community to provide resources, value, and convenience."

Raj Clement, Clement Ford president adds, "Farmers are at the heart of America - and what better partnership than one between our farmers and Ford? We're in the business of taking care of this community and their agricultural vehicle needs."

Becoming a Certified Agriculture Dealership lets the 95,000 Missouri farm families know the dealership understands the uniqueness of agriculture and is committed to providing the best total truck solution to meet their needs.

To learn more about the Certified Agriculture Dealership Program and AgPack go to: or visit our YouTube Channel for more details.

To stay connected and learn about new AgPack program enhancements Like us on Facebook.

And when ready to purchase or lease the next farm truck or SUV, visit Clement Ford in O’Fallon at 1075 West Terra Lane, O’Fallon, MO or call 636-614-7065 to gain access to the free AgPack benefits or visit online at:

*Based on customer using every AgPack® benefit, to its maximum value.

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