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Colorado Rancher is Biggest User of AgPack® Redemptions

Posted by Paul Kindinger on
Paul Kindinger

Don Broom is a partner in Sombrero Ranches. Sombrero operates four ranches in Colorado plus a farm on the Eastern slope. They also have riding stables in Arizona, Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park, Colorado. This is not your traditional cattle or sheep operation often found in that area, instead they have 1,000 horses that are available for rent!  So, in addition to all their other operations, Sombrero Ranches supplies other guest ranches, kids’ camps, individuals and even movie production units, with rented horses. Yes, they have supplied horses for a few movies and shot several TV commercials on their property (e.g. – Marlboro and Boot Farm). They are a unique operation, but still part of the industry we call agriculture.

Sombrero Ranches has purchased, now get this, 17 vehicles in the past couple of years from Victory Motors CDJR of Craig, Colorado. As a result, they are eligible for 17 AgPack® packages. Don was a little hesitant at first to even use AgPack®. When asked why, he responded, “I didn’t think that it could amount to much since it was free.” But after CAD Redemption Specialist Betty Driscoll was able to convince Don to at least give it a try, he is now a believer! Today, Don is a huge fan of AgPack®. He shared that, “Today it makes the decision of where to purchase my trucks much easier, nobody else can offer something like this. It offers a variety of companies and products that people can take advantage of – something is going to work!”

Sombrero Ranches has a very special relationship with CAD member Victory Motors CDJR. Tony Maneotis is Operating Partner at this dealership and considers Don not only a good customer, but part of the family. And Tony will be the first to tell you that being part of the CAD program has been good for business. He sites many instances where people are now coming back to purchase trucks simply because he is the only dealer around who offers AgPack®. Tony will also share that the biggest challenges with the program are, “It costs nothing, people think it’s too good to be true, there must be a catch. The other thing, you have to train your staff to recognize (identify) that ag customer when they come in the dealership. As soon as we do, AgPack® makes the sale a lot easier!” Tony believes AgPack® gives him a big advantage over other dealerships.  They went through the Certification process when they signed up for the Certified Agriculture Dealership program in 2019. In fact, the ink was barely dry on the CAD membership agreement before completing the first sale by using AgPack®.  

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