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Lyle Orwig

Westfield, N.C. (March 22, 2022) – The Certified Agriculture Dealer™ (CAD) Program announces the launch of, a new farm truck online marketplace for farmers and ranchers to discover, review, purchase, finance, and even order their next farm or ranch truck. Farmers and ranchers can view thousands of new and gently used trucks that are available from Certified Agriculture Dealers all across the country. 

“If farmers can have their own dating site, why not something that seems far more practical, like an online marketplace dedicated just to agricultural trucks?” says Pat Driscoll, President and CEO of the Certified Agricultural Dealers Program. “There are other online vehicle marketplaces that offer trucks. But none of them exclusively consolidate the AgPack® eligible inventory of Certified Agriculture Dealers. Which also means none of them can offer AgPack with every vehicle on the site.” 

“We have been working hard to build a simple shopping experience for farmers and ranchers to discover trucks that come with the unmatched value of AgPack® from our Certified Agriculture Dealers,” noted Paul Ferrier, Director of “We've built a streamlined process to easily search for the much-needed farm trucks from dealers that understand the agriculture customer.

”AgPack is a specialized package of farm and ranch rebates and discounts, available exclusively through Certified Agriculture Dealers, that gives the agriculture truck purchaser an immediate return on their vehicle investment by saving nearly $30,000* in farm and ranch operating costs.

“And that is what’s important to farmers and ranchers,” noted Driscoll. “The AgPack Partners award those rebates and discounts to qualified vehicle buyers, at no additional cost to the truck purchasing customer. To qualify the truck buyer simply needs to prove ownership or interest in a farm or ranch.”

Current AgPack partners include: Michelin and BF Goodrich tires; AgroLiquid Crop Nutrition; Rhino Ag equipment; Dixie Chopper commercial mowers; AgriEdge farm management system; Reinke Irrigation; Gallagher Fencing & Weighing Equipment; Eby trailers and truck bodies; Viasat high speed internet, Citgo’s Mystic Lubricants, Tarter Farm & Ranch Equipment and DTN/Farm Market iD agricultural data, Walkabout Motherbins in-field grain storage, Outback Wrap hose identification system and PUTCO work truck accessories.

Learn more about Certified Agriculture Dealers at and visit

About Certified Agriculture Dealer Program
Certified Agriculture Dealerships know farming and ranching as their staff have successfully completed special agriculturally focused training to become a Certified business which can then offer AgPack® a special package of cost savings and rebates that if used to the maximum can save farmers and ranchers nearly $30,000* in operating costs for products and services for their operations.

*Based on customer using every AgPack ® benefit to its maximum value

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