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Award Winning AgRally Event Returns with National Ag Day Alliance

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Westfield, N.C. (February 09, 2022) – The Certified Agriculture Dealer (CAD) Program, and their partners RFD-TV and National AgDay, announce that AgRally™ will be broadcast on March 22 in conjunction with local “AgDay salute to farmer celebrations” at dozens of Certified Agriculture Dealers across the country.

In conjunction with National Agriculture Week and National AgDay, “AgRally, America’s Live Farm Show™” will be broadcast March 22nd. This second-year event continues as agriculture’s only national farm show that includes both a live local and national broadcast attendance option for farmers and ranchers to participate in the way that best suits their operation.

“We’re in a unique position in that we can hold a local event at each of our Certified Agriculture Dealerships across the country, yet those farmers and ranchers who can’t get to a dealership can watch the national broadcast on RFD-TV or the Cowboy Channel from their home or shop or stream it to their mobile device,” noted Patrick Driscoll, President and CEO of CAD. “Last year our inaugural live, 3-hour broadcast event reached more than 20% of American agriculture.”

“We’re pleased to partner with the Certified Agriculture Dealerships to continue this unique local yet national event,” added Patrick Gottsch, Founder and President of RFD-TV. “The combination of live TV with a local gathering at these certified agriculture truck dealers provides both the need to learn about new technology while also being able to socialize with other farmers, friends and neighbors.”

AgRally will begin at 2:00 PM eastern and run through 5:00 PM on Tuesday, March 22nd. Social time aside, one of the most important parts of attending a farm show is being able to engage with new products and emerging technologies.

Farmers and ranchers need to register for the event to participate in the Q&A sessions, win prizes like Yeti coolers and help each Certified Agriculture Dealer comply with their local Covid regulations. Registration is simple and will also provide the details for streaming the 3-hour live event to a mobile device. Register here to do all that.

Senior executives from several AgPack® partners will make presentations focused on important issues, emerging technologies and ag innovations. And they will take questions from farmers and ranchers across the country who want to ask company experts about their new products, best practices and trending issues. And for those dealer stores who can host this national event on March 22nd, attendees will be able to kick the tires just like they would at the farm show they’re used to attending.

Current AgPack partners include: Michelin and BF Goodrich Tires; Rhino Ag products; Dixie Chopper mowers; Viasat internet provider; AgriEdge farm management system from Syngenta; AgroLiquid Crop Nutrition; Reinke Irrigation; Gallagher Livestock Equipment; Tarter Farm & Ranch Equipment; Eby Truck Bodies, Upfits &Trailers; Mystik Lubricants; Farm Market iD agricultural data; Walkabout Mother Bins; Outback Wrap hose management products and PUTCO truck accessories.

To learn more about AgRally visit

About Certified Agriculture Dealer Program
Certified Agriculture Dealerships know farming and ranching as their staff have successfully completed special agriculturally focused training to become a Certified business which can then offer AgPack® a special package of cost savings and rebates for farm products.

About Certified Agriculture Dealer’s AgPack®
AgPack® is a package of farm and ranch management tools available exclusively through Certified Agriculture Dealers that give the agriculture customer an immediate return on their vehicle investment by saving thousands of dollars in farm and ranch operating costs. These products are awarded to qualified vehicle buyers, at no additional cost to the customer by several leading brands within the agriculture industry. To qualify for CAD’s AgPack®, the truck buyer simply needs to prove ownership interest in a farm or ranch. AgPack® is stackable on top of all other OEM, Fleet or VIP offers available to qualifying vehicle purchaser, and is awarded per vehicle, not per customer. If used to the maximum AgPack® can save farmers and ranchers nearly $30,000 in operating costs for products and services for their operations.

About RFD-TV & The Cowboy Channel
RFD-TV is the flagship network for Rural Media Group. Launched in December of 2000, RFDTV is the nation’s first 24-hour television network featuring programming focused on the agribusiness, equine and the rural lifestyles, along with traditional country music and entertainment. The Cowboy Channel is the official network of ProRodeo and the first 24-hour television network totally dedicated to western sports and the western lifestyle and headquartered in the Fort Worth Stockyards and features a wide variety of “live” coverage from major western events.

About National AgDay
Founded in 1973, National Ag Day encourages every American to understand how food and fiber products are produced; appreciate the role agriculture plays in providing safe, abundant, and affordable products; value the essential role of agriculture in maintaining a strong economy; and acknowledge and consider career opportunities in the agriculture, food, and fiber industry. Learn more and register for events at

AgRally in action
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“AgRally, America’s Live Farm Show™” will be broadcast March 22nd and hosted again by RFD-TV’s Mark Oppold (left) and Pat Driscoll, president of the Certified Agriculture Dealer Program. This second-year event continues as agriculture’s only national farm show that includes both a live local and national broadcast attendance option for farmers and ranchers to participate in the way that best suits their operation.

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