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The Countdown is on to AgRally 2022

Posted by Jenni Wallace on
Jenni Wallace

AgRally - A National / Local Farm Show will be held March 22, 2022.

AgRally is presented by John Deere in partnership with Certified Agriculture Dealership, AgPack®, RFD-TV, The Cowboy Channel and National Ag Day. In conjunction with National Agriculture Week and National AgDay, “AgRally, America’s Live Farm Show™” will be broadcast March 22nd. This second-year event continues as agriculture’s only national farm show that includes both a live local and national broadcast attendance option for farmers and ranchers to participate in the way that best suits their operation.

“We’re in a unique position in that we can hold a local event at each of our Certified Agriculture Dealerships across the country, yet those farmers and ranchers who can’t get to a dealership can watch the national broadcast on RFD-TV or the Cowboy Channel from their home or shop or stream it to their mobile device,” noted Patrick Driscoll, President and CEO of CAD. “Last year our inaugural live, 3-hour broadcast event reached more than 20% of American agriculture.”

“We’re pleased to partner with the Certified Agriculture Dealerships to continue this unique local yet national event,” added Patrick Gottsch, Founder and President of RFD-TV. “The combination of live TV with a local gathering at these certified agriculture truck dealers provides both the need to learn about new technology while also being able to socialize with other farmers, friends and neighbors.”





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